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If you have one of the new imported one-meter size sport boats and are thinking of replacement sails, we already have patterns for many of the boat.  If we don't have a pattern, and you are the first skipper to contact us, we will borrow your stock sails, make patterns from them, and return the stock sails, and a NEW, FULLY PANELED, set of racing sails to you at no charge.  This offer is good only for boats that we have not got patterns on hand for.  Our catalog listing does not necessarily contain every set of patterns we have on hand, so e-mail us:  carrsails at carrsails dot com to check on your specific boat.

We are rapidly becoming known for our VOLVO 70 (HBRC) racing sails.  Visit the website of this exciting new scale racing boat for further information:


:  When e-mailing Carr Sails, put "Model Yacht Sails" in your subject line to avoid getting caught in our spam filters.


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